7 reasons to hire a moving company instead of doing it yourself.

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You have got a new job and you have to relocate. You are most probably contemplating doing the move yourself. After all, it’ll save you money and there’s not much involved anyway right? Wrong. This is the wrong notion most people have about hiring a moving company. Read on to find out why.


1. It helps you move within your deadline.

First of all, a move is not as easy as it looks. There is much more involved than just picking up your things and putting them into boxes. There is most important, the time constraints involved.

You have a deadline to meet and reap your new lucrative job offer. You can’t afford to take things slowly. You need to finish packing all your things within a short time frame.

Professional movers have the required moving crew to get the job done on time without any delays. They ensure the load is well organized and packed so that there is no damage to your belongings. You thus save time with their performing the move in a faster and more efficient manner.

2. A Moving Company has the required manpower.

A do it yourself move is practically out of the question if you don’t have people to help you with your packing. You have not only the packing to do but also furniture and equipment to disassemble and heavy appliances to lift.

The last thing you want to do is end up with a bad back while trying to do all this on your own. Hiring professionals save you the task of heavy lifting. They have the people who do this safely and on an everyday basis.

3. Delicate items need more attention

It’s not easy packing fragile items like antiques, glass, china, and pianos, or transporting them. There is the risk of improperly packed items getting damaged, and they can’t even be repaired when damaged. Movers Kansas City has the experience and training to properly pack and handle delicate and fragile items. They carefully box and secure furniture and appliances to avoid any damage during transit.

4. Accountable with insurance coverage

Though you may have friends helping you to relocate, there is the chance of their damaging your furniture and appliances. They are anyway not professionals, and can’t be blamed.

So you can’t ask them for any reimbursement. However professional movers are accountable for any damages incurred on the job. As long as you hire movers with sufficient insurance coverage, you know your things are in safe hands.

5. Reliability

A very important reason and benefit of hiring professional movers is their reliability. Movers Kansas city sends over their personnel to your house before the move to take a look at the things to be moved.

They will accordingly plan your move so that everything is packed and ready to shift on your moving day. Also, they will also decide how many people and the right-sized moving boxes and packing material to bring along.

They make sure their people reach your home and get you to your new destination on time. You won’t be able to expect this with friends and family who will be able to help you only in their spare time. You may even have to postpone your move and upset your time table if they can’t make it.

6. Safe driving

Professional movers not only know how to professionally pack your things, but also make sure you, your family and your belongings reach your destination safely. They are experts and experienced at driving and navigating trucks with their heavy loads.

7. Peace of mind

Last, but not least, a move is stressful and overwhelming. There’s lots of planning involved, deadlines to meet, packing and unpacking to do and of course, lifting of things.

With so many other things to take care of like terminating your bank accounts and utility bills, it helps if you have a moving company moving things for you.


Taking a look at 7 reasons that we have mentioned before, by now you should know that it is better, cheaper and safer to hire a professional moving company for your move than to do it yourself.

They have the resources, experience, and vehicles necessary to pack and transfer their belongings safely and intact to the new location.


Thomas Peterson · September 5, 2019 at 3:20 pm

You made a good point that hiring a moving company can be a very reliable thing to help you get to your destination on time. My wife got a very strong job opportunity and we have to be moved out in three weeks to get there. Maybe some movers will be helpful in getting us there on time.

    aardvark · September 5, 2019 at 3:53 pm

    Hello Thomas Peterson, we are very happy you found the article useful. Please contact us at 816-761-5555 or fill the form on the website to request a moving quote.

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