Residential Moving Tips

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Once the decision of moving to a new home is made, taking everything there may seem impossible. Residential Moving can be stressful and difficult, thankfully there are many companies that provide their services to ease the process.

Whether relocating to a new neighborhood, city or state, residential moving professionals will make the move as hassle-free as possible.

There might be concern about damaging the dishes or delicate art, which is why hiring a professional, is needed. These professionals know the proper procedures and techniques that should be used to care for every item. Some companies also offer short and long term storage services for all-size units, if needed.

Differences Between Commercial And Residential Moving.

While the concept is almost the same, commercial and residential moves are very different. Residential moving is relatively simple; it can be done with few people and unpacking at your pace. However, the tricky aspect of residential moving is taking care of the fragile objects as well as the antiques. The main concern is making sure all of the belongings have arrived with no damage.

When it comes to commercial moving, the process is a little more complicated and requires expert office movers. Whether it’s a small shop or a large organization, commercial moves need more planning. These moves need to be fast and precise; productivity shouldn’t increase due to the moving. Ideally, all of the furniture, IT equipment and lighting should be installed before moving in. Also, it is a great idea to hire a Wildlife Removal Company to inspect your house before moving.

Relocating large pieces of machinery, computers and other sensitive items is also a big concern. Some of these need to be in specific conditions, therefore need more care while being moved. Experienced office movers know this and take it into account. Office movers also coordinate with property managers to make sure the process is as smooth ad stress-free as possible.

How to choose a residential moving company?

Choosing to hire a moving company is only the first step. There are many companies in the U.S. offering their services and it can get overwhelming to pick the right one. Common complaints about movers include alleged lost and damaged property. As well as arriving late, not honoring estimates and charging un-worked hours. The following steps can help you in the process of hiring a mover.

  1. Ask for recommendations.

    Choosing the first company that shows up on the internet or phone book, won’t guarantee that it’s a good one. Ask friends or family for referrals, as well as your real estate agent.

  2. Don’t settle.

    Instead of settling for the first estimate you receive, ask at least three different companies. No company can give you a thorough estimate without seeing your things, it’s important to request an in-person estimate.

  3. Watch out for red flags.

    No mover should ask you for a cash deposit before you move. If they seem eager to get the money upfront it may not be a legit business. During the estimate, you should note how professional the movers appear to be. If they seem unsure or won’t answer your questions, find another company.

  4. Make sure the mover is licensed and insured.

    In the U.S. the Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues a DOT number to licensed interstate movers. If you’re moving out of state, verify the company’s license through the site below and request the company’s DOT number.
    You can search it on

  5. Research the company’s track.

    You can use the Better Business Bureau’s online site to check the company’s track record. You should choose a moving company that is accredited by the BBB or has a good rating.

  6. Ask about professional accreditation.

    Look for a moving company that carries the American Moving and Storage Association’s ProMover logo. You can also search for accredited companies directly from the association’s site.

  7. Verify the company’s address.

    Ask for a business card or look at the mover’s website and look up the listed address. Be careful of any address listed under a residential name.

Benefits of hiring a professional residential moving company.

It can be intimidating for some people to allow a group of strangers to handle their belongings. But no matter how much skepticism they show towards hiring residential movers the pros are bigger than the cons. There are many benefits of hiring moving professionals, which are listed below.

  1. Takes some worries off your mind.

    When moving, there are many things to figure out, like bills and schools for the kids. Trying to combine this with the difficult task of packing, can make the whole experience unpleasant. Hiring professional services will take some problems away.

  2. Saves time.

    Not only is moving by yourself stressful but it’s also time-consuming. It means packing every item in the house, moving them and unpacking them in the new home. A group of experienced movers can get these tasks done quicker, saving a large amount of time.

  3. Insured items.

    Most moving companies provide insurance, meaning all of your items are covered by it should anything go wrong. There are different types of moving insurances that vary in cost. The main principle is that if anything happens to any item the company will partially reimburse or even replace it.

  4. Protects your health.

    Carrying heavy objects alone isn’t safe, you could drop something o yourself or even fall and get injuries. Having a group of strong movers will protect you help and keep away all the risks.

  5. Estimates and consultations.

    These companies provide estimates depending on how much and how far you’ll move. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be spending at the end of the entire process. It’s important to get a consultation before hiring any residential moving company.

Making the decision to hire a moving company, and searching for the right one to fit your necessities is difficult. But once the choice is made, the process begins, helping you, take your family and belongings to a new home. Knowing your items will be safe and having the movers’ assistance will ease the stress that comes with moving. This will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your new home, free from worries and concerns.


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