Commercial Moving

If you’re looking to relocate your business, hiring commercial moving services, might be what you need.

Whether to a different part of town or across the country, Aardvark Moving will ensure the best quality of work.

We have highly trained professionals that can handle small and large shipments with ease. Committed with the customer, our mission is to guarantee your moving is stress-free and successful.

Moving Time

We recommend to all our clients to start the process of moving during non-working hours, in this way it is possible to prevent interference with the activities of the company.

About Commercial Moving

Commercial Moving is far different than Residential Moving, it’s necessary to hire a team of experts in the matter. A team that handles every item with care, and keep them safe during the entire moving process.

We provide logistics management customized to your requirements, our professional staff can assist you with your furniture relocation. Installing and moving cubicles, modular desks, conference tables, and shelves.

Moving electronic equipment is a task that should be dealt with carefully, that’s why we use a disciplined approach. Using protective bags for computer towers and monitors as well as zip lock bags for keyboards and other hardware.

Why should you hire commercial moving services?

As a business owner, there are surely many worries about moving day. However, looking for help from reliable professionals can take some weight off of your shoulders. The moving process requires a lot of planning and preparation, which can be overwhelming when dealing with this on your own. Using commercial moving services comes with several benefits.

Commercial moving Benefits?

  • Less stress on the employees. Using your employees for the move can save you money, but putting that much responsibility on their backs can be more complicated.
  • All the equipment will be safer. Office equipment is essential to your business’ activities, commercial moving professionals know how to safely relocate every item, using the right equipment, preventing any damage or loss.
  • Insurance. Working with professionals means having your items insured. The mover will protect your belongings throughout the moving process.
  • Renting moving equipment will not be necessary. While moving on your own, you will have to rent the proper equipment to relocate every item. 

Cost-efficiency of commercial moving.

You may think it’s more expensive to hire a moving service than moving on your own, but you can save money. With the efficient transport and organization, you’ll get from office movers, all the money spent is worth it. Since they ensure nothing gets damaged or missing, you avoid replacing items that could be lost when moving with no help.

Also, the moving process can disrupt the operations of your business, causing losses to your company. With help from professionals, you’ll have more time to focus on your business. Since the relocation occurs after hours, your business’ activities will not be affected since the movers will do all the packing and heavy lifting.

Commercial moving

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